Major Types of Online Casino Bonuses and How They Work

One of the key strategies used by online casinos to lure new customers is through enticing and varied bonuses. It has become an essential part of competition among casinos, it is part of advertising campaigns, and it is something actively sought out by Irish gamblers. This is for good reasons since wisely chosen online casino bonuses help get more value for the money spent.  

But to choose wisely, one should have a basic understanding of the types of rewards available and how they work. Being knowledgeable about this helps one better understand what to look for and to ensure that no great opportunities are missed but also to take full advantage of these casino bonuses once they are seized. Below, we cover a few important aspects related to this.

Major Types of Bonuses

Welcome bonuses (signup bonuses) come in different shapes:

  • no deposit bonuses – these are usually fairly modest but have a key advantage – they are available immediately after registration, without any deposits being required. Importantly, such casino bonus offers allow one to test the platform and specific games without risking significant sums of money or exposing the financial credentials.
  • first deposit bonuses – these can vary greatly in amount from casino to casino and are awarded as a gift for making the first deposit. They can be a fixed sum or a percentage of the value of the deposit – in the latter case, the bonus would be proportional to how much money you load.
  • free trials on specific games. Most frequently, these are represented by free spins for certain electronic slot machines. Importantly, this practice allows the casino to direct people towards specific games – for instance, some titles that it considers unjustly undervalued or unpopular, for instance, due to their recent introduction. Alternatively, free spins could be awarded for the most successful games on the platform in order to win new customers.

Top online casino bonuses are also frequently created by combining the types listed above into unique and multilateral appealing packages.

Apart from welcome bonuses, there are other types as well:

  • preferred payment bonuses – these online casino bonuses are awarded for loading the balance by using a type of payment which the casino finds most desirable. It is useful to look up this information before registering for a certain casino.
  • reload bonuses – these are awarded for filling up your balance after the first deposit. Typically, they are also expressed as a percentage of the deposit value.
  • loyalty bonuses – they can come in any form and are meant to reward the client for staying with the same casino over prolonged periods of time.
  • high roller and VIP bonuses – these are offered specifically for gamblers that make big deposits or gain sufficient VIP points over time. Such bonuses might increase disproportionately as the value of the deposit increases, which is good news for big players.
  • referral bonuses – for any new person you bring to the casino, you might get a pleasant reward. Oftentimes, you’ll receive the prize only after these people make a deposit themselves.

Conditions and Restrictions

Even the best online casino bonuses in Ireland often come with restrictions or may be activated under certain conditions. Hence, you have to consider the following aspects:

  • minimal wagering limits – are your bonuses activated only after a specific amount of funds are deposited or spent?
  • time limit – does your bonus expire with time?
  • specificity – does the bonus apply only to specific games?
  • capped winnings – is there a maximum limit for any winnings resulting from the use of bonus funds (like no deposit bonuses, free spins, etc.)?

It usually takes some time and research to identify the best casino bonuses, so you might consider reading some reviews on the topic first. Since the information in these reviews might be commercially biased, it is also wise to verify one by one the biggest Irish casinos and their offers (say 3-5 of them) before making any conclusions.